14 Bolt Axle Truss Trail Version


Motobilt 14 Bolt Axle Truss Trail Version is a heavy duty truss for those wanting to mount suspension links to the top of the housing and eliminate the chance of spinning axle tubes in the center section. For a full description see below.


The 14 Bolt Axle has become a go to axle for rock crawlers and rock bouncers.  The 14 Bolt full floater is strong, easy to find in salvage years, cheap to get parts for, and a large amount of aftermarket parts are available.  The Motobilt 14 Bolt Axle Truss Trail Version was designed to be simple, easy to install, low cost, and allow room for mounting coil springs, coil over shocks, suspension link mounts, and so on.  This design is narrow to the axle center section for a reason.  The trend over the past few years is to keep the over all ride height as low as possible thus creating clearance issues at full bump.  With this narrow design it will not hit the frame rails or our Motobilt Backhalf kits.

The main body of the 14 Bolt Axle Truss Trail Version is CNC Laser Cut from 1/2" thick high strength steel plate. It is then formed using a hydraulic press brake.  The pinion support and pinion guard are CNC laser cut from 3/8" steel plate.  The Motobilt 14 Bolt pinion guard features an industry first angled design to reduce the shovel that all of the others create on the front of the axle. See the pictures for more details14 bolt axle truss.



  • Includes hardware to to bolt pinion support to truss main body
  • Includes longer bolts for the pinion support to the housing.
  • Includes one main truss body
  • Includes once pinion support bracket with pinion guard weld in place.
  • Provides a mounting space on top of the axle for suspension links
  • With the mount to the tubes and pinion support it eliminates the chance of spinning an axle tube in the housing.


***This truss fits the early full floater 14 Bolt Axles as well as the newer model full floaters with the cooling fins.  If you have a newer model with cooling fins you will have to grind down a couple of the top fins slightly for clearance. 

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