Putting threads in thin sheet metal with rivnuts

Often times having the right tool makes the difference in turning out a quality metal fabrication project.  The details can make or break a project.  When planning sheetmetal projects you may have encountered a situation where you need to bolt two panels together only to determine you cannot reach the back side to put a nut on the bolt. 

Rivnuts are small threaded inserts that can be placed in thin sheetmetal parts. Rivnuts are available in many different thread sizes including both standard and metric sizes.  Rivnuts can be found at most fastener supply places and on websites like Grainger, MSC, and so on.  They are installed in a similar fashion to pop rivets.  See the tool in the attached picture.

Other uses can be bolting parts to the exterior of a Jeep where you can not get to the back side.  Example would be installing rocker guards or comp corners.