Chevy Dana 60 Front Axle Truss and Steering Mount


Chevy full width Dana 60 Axle Truss System with integrated double ended steering ram mount. For a complete description see below. Thank you for considering Motobilt products.


The Motobilt Chevy Dana 60 axle truss is laser cut and bent out of 3/8" high strength steel for the main structure.  The truss spans the length of the axle, and is included in an integrated hydraulic ram mount for full hydraulic steering.  The design is meant for a 2.5" double ended ram.  The ram is completely protected from underneath with a full skid plate to keep it safe from rocks.

The truss and steering ram mount are tied in together and a mount for a small clevis shackle is located on the front center of the steering ram mount.  This mount is used to connect your winch to be used as a "Suck down" winch point.

The entire system is designed with keyway fitments to ensure a true and straight forward install. Removable skid plate for diff cover is included for ease of access into the differential.

Professional welding is required to install this system properly.

We have additional mounts for coil overs, link tabs, and hydraulic steering rams available for purchase separately and are not included with this kit.

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