Jeep JK Rubicon Dana 44 Front Axle Truss


The Motobilt Jeep JK Rubicon Dana 44 front axle truss is a great way to beef up the axle tubes on your Jeep JK and JK Unlimited. See below for a full description.

The Motobilt Jeep JK Rubicon Dana 44 front axle truss system is a quick way to add strength and style to your Jeep. The Motobilt truss adds strength to the stock upper passenger side link mount by wrapping around it and welding in place. The truss extends out to both the driver and passenger side coil spring mounts. The truss was designed for a precision fit. You will see in some of the pictures that the truss fits very tight. We have noticed some slight differences in the axles from Jeep. Some slight grinding may be required during the installation process. The top caps are CNC cut from 1/4" high strength steel plate and is slotted to align the front and back vertical caps. The front and rear caps are CNC cut from 1/8" high steel plate. The plates are dimpled to add strength and cross section width to the parts. Essentially we can keep the axle a little lighter and make it look very cool with the dimple die holes. The kit includes a short and long side 1/4" top cap, 2 1/4" vertical supports, and 5 total 1/8" front and back dimpled plates. This kit requires an experienced welder to install on the vehicle. ***This kit requires 3 inch bump stop extensions to keep the truss from contacting the oil pan. Bump stop extensions would be used to keep larger tires like 35 and up from contacting the fenders when articulated.

The kit installation is simple. We recommend removing the upper rubber link bushings from the axle assembly. This process is much easier if you have the front axle assembly removed from the vehicle. The axle surfaces need to be cleaned and prepped for welding in the areas where the truss assembly contacts the Rubicon Dana 44. We recommend test fitting all of the parts before welding anything. This way you can spot any areas that may need extra attention for fitment. The next step is to lightly clamp the assembly together on the axle housing. Spot weld the front and back plates to the vertical braces and spot weld the vertical brackets and front and back caps to the axle tubes. Once you have it secure enough not to move, take the clamp off and remove the 1/4" thick upper caps. This will allow you to weld the vertical supports to the axle tube. Then replace the upper top caps. The top plates are tabbed and slotted. If you are having trouble getting the top cap back in place due to a part moving while you welded it, you can grind off the tab extensions on the 1/4" vertical braces. You can still weld through the slot to contact it. With the top cap clamped back in place, add a few spot welds around to secure it. We recommend taking your time to weld out the assembly. Weld the structure to the axle tubes leaving the weld at the cast center diff until last. Wait for the assembly to cool back to room temperature and then weld it to the cast. If you have any questions about the install feel free to call us at Motobilt..

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